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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Social Insecurity.

I'm starting to research the Social Security question.

But first, I'm concerned about the Democrats and their reaction to President Bush's SSA reform initiative. The Pres says Social Security is in crisis, and we'd better fix it now. The Democrats say "is not." That SS isn't in a crisis. But, we've been hearing for years that it's in trouble, that we'll soon have more retirees than workers paying into the system.

I don't see how the Democrats can win this debate. They ought to be coming up with better ideas to fix the system than the Republicans will.

They might start by looking at what the President's Commission on Strengthening Social Security came up with, two years ago.

I don't want to watch the Dems shoot themselves in the foot again. Right now, W's got the initiative on this one.

UPDATE 1/22/05: For the most cogent presentation of the government's SS projections, read Hendrik Hertzberg's New Yorker commentary.

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geoff said...

I hope they can come up with something. It seems to me that having to fund our own retirement by saving our own money after paying into SS for many years somehow does not seem fair. What happened to the old days when you worked for 20 years and then received a retirement for being a productive member of society?