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-- Samuel Goldwyn

Monday, February 14, 2005

Culture notes.

The editorial director of slick magazine publisher Conde Nast (The New Yorker, Vogue), James Truman, has resigned and is moving to Spain.

His choice, apparently, and, like all departures, it's producing some reflections on American culture. The Independent (U.K.) has a longish interview with Truman that you should read, which makes it sound like it's all over but the hyping. Says Truman:

"Reagan began a huge cultural shift toward the business culture being absolutely dominant," he says. "It's been an amazing 24-year sweep that has dramatically changed the country in ways that make the culture less interesting. "Business no longer runs parallel to culture. It has subsumed it. Still, he shrugs, "it's a hit-driven culture and if you don't have hits, you're out of the game".

True. And our current fear-driven mood isn't elevating the culture. No wonder Truman burned out. Still, it's healthy to think these thoughts. Read it and tell me what you think.

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