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-- Samuel Goldwyn

Friday, May 20, 2005

Department of Cheap Shot Restraint.

A Georgia high school principal has cancelled the school newspaper's term-end issue and the journalism class as well.

Randolph Bynum, principal of Pebblebrook High School in Cobb County, cut the class citing a teacher shortage and the need to keep more popular courses like cosmetology. But he also criticized the paper for negative stories at the expense of articles more favorable to the school's image, and for a lack of thoroughness in its reporting of stories on teen pregnancy and vandalism in the school parking lot.

This presents a massive temptation to rant. But that would be committing journalism.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing new. I have had my fights with principals when I was in high school journalism. We have had pages cut out, but I would always save a load of issues for distrubution before they were censored.