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-- Samuel Goldwyn

Friday, June 24, 2005

Iraq anxiety.

My Vancouver chum Shawn emailed me highlights of yesterday's Senate Iraq hearing, worrying that I might not be getting the word, assuring me I can depend on him to get truth across the border to me. He knows I'm too cheap to pay for cable or broadband. Here's what I wrote back:
Jeez, man, of course the Teddy and Rummy show and Abuzaid were all over TV, and Karl Rove attacking liberal wimps in NY. It's stunning, isn't it, that a general, fergodsake, sounds gutsy and candid. I think this is a significant sign of a crack in the Bush-Cheney-Rove-Rumsfeld facade. I don't want you to worry about the republicans banning media, though they do try. But they didn't get PBS and NPR this time, did they? Anyway, this ain't North Korea, dude. We do need some kind of coordinated action, though, to get the sane people together, and the only place it's likely to happen is Congress, as it did over the judicial appointments. Not a win, but not a total loss. I don't know who'll emerge as the catalyst, or the two co-catalysts. I like Joe Biden, but he can't make peace with the Bushies. Like you, we don't have a tradition of coups, and though we've had our moments--Kent State comes to mind--we're way too comfortable to erupt into bigtime chaos. Maybe a little creative chaos, way below the level of, say, Baghdad. (Hello, Echelon people, how are ya today?) Anyway, we've got the usual American rabble-rousing argument going, and I have confidence we'll survive and cleanse ourselves with this lava bath, as we have in the past. We just gotta get our political consultants and "architects" out of office and get a leader in there who speaks his [I forgot to say "or her"] mind. Right now, for me, that would be Joe Biden. Where's Hillary, by the way? She's only reacting to Rove because he said it in her 'hood. I may just past this into my blog, if you don't mind. Later, dude.

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