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-- Samuel Goldwyn

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Dehyping your health.

I started this blog because I'm a writer, and I know a lot about marketing and media--because I've worked in both--and because I think marketing is too much with us. Because I've watched it become the first consideration in parts of human activity that ought to be unfolding under different priorities--like politics, and health, for example. I focus a lot on radio because it was my original passion. I focus on politics because I think the propagandists are in full charge and we need to change that. I focus on health care because our lives depend on it, and the balance between profit and the practice of medicine is totally out of whack. I could concentrate on just being entertaining, or stylishly insulting, I guess, and ultimately be part of the snarky blog scene. Nah. Health care, politics, and even radio can improve our lives, or just make money. Read the Seattle Times's "Suddenly Sick" series. It's a good current place to start dehyping health care. I wrote this post trying to figure out how to focus, and what to focus on. Dehype seems to be my focus...I may end up with three blogs. What do you think?

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geoff said...

Then I will read three. But I think the variety of what you write about makes it interesting. And the truth is, it is all related anyway. Right?