...don't even ignore 'em.
-- Samuel Goldwyn

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

FCC gets Spitzered.

I can't help it. I should be writing this on DEHYPE.RADIO, but it's too important. Eliot Spitzer, our National Prosecutor, has opened the music business's radio goodie closet--payola--and he's mucking it out with a legal backhoe. But the big news is that the Federal Communications Commission is reading about it in the newspapers like the rest of us. Payola is illegal, and the FCC is supposed to be the watchdog. Now, Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein, one of the FCC's official Wilderness Voices, says the Commission, maybe, ought to get involved and maybe even pull a few licenses. First it was the SEC that Spitzer embarrassed by exposing Wall Street rot. Now it's radio and the music biz. Hey, Eliot, could you have a look at the Defense Department?

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