...don't even ignore 'em.
-- Samuel Goldwyn

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Yet another self-examination.

Don't get excited. I'm not getting clinically graphic on you, here. A week or so ago I decided to move all my radio posts over to dehype.radio, a new blog. Just as Eliot Spitzer announced his first slam-dunk payola settlement with Sony-BMG. My dehype posts dropped to zero, of course, except for more gab about radio on this blog.

Of course, like Narcissus, I'm talking to my reflection, here, which is what most blogging is all about. Still, I'm serious about doing this right, so here I am, working it out on the screen. So, what does that leave me with when I think there's more than plenty punditry and political opinion washing over us?

Well, Narse baby, I'll tell you. Hype is still the problem I address. It divides us, deadens us, makes--or keeps--us in the thrall of marketers, including the political and religious ones. People are blowing themselves up, folks, in small but increasing numbers. Some with explosives, some with food.

Yes, I want an audience. So, to dehype myself, I have to remind me that stringing words together is my way of discovering what I'm thinking. If I get that from blogging, and nobody else notices, it's enough. I do like doing it in public, though.

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