...don't even ignore 'em.
-- Samuel Goldwyn

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The state we're in.

If you missed the President's State of the Union address, it's here, on the White House site, with no pesky network commentary or wimpy Democratic Party response. My summary: nothing new, nothing enlightening--a half-hearted call to the Democrats to work together, be more civil. I talked back to the President: "Want more civil discourse? Start by firing Karl Rove."

In the spirit of working together, Mr. Bush then scolded the Democrats for being negative about his management of the Iraq war. Like, accentuate the positive, O.K., guys? And that would be...?

Not a single new idea. Not a single significant initiative with benefits arriving sooner than posterity. Except maybe the introduction of switchgrass ("not just corn") as a source of ethanol. W's gonna wean us off Mddle East oil, with its organic help. The Medicare Medicaid prescription mess? Sign up for those savings accounts, kids.

The Republicans in the chamber stood up and clapped at the appointed times. The Democrats stood up once, when he mentioned that Congress "didn't act on" his Social Security plan. Not much comfort for any of us in either of these demonstrations.

The only true demonstrator in the House was arrested and removed just before the President came in: Cindy Sheehan--for wearing a rude T-shirt. Should have let her stay. Would have demonstrated the President's commitment to upholding American freedoms. Of all his squandered opportunities tonight, this was, for me, the most pathetic.

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