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-- Samuel Goldwyn

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

At last, we know what that "depression hurts" music isn't.

A member of a Stringworks.com discussion board actually called Eli Lilly and asked them what that music on their Cymbalta TV commercial is. The answer: created for the commercial, no plans to release it as a single. I was going to call them, but I was too lazy. And jaded, from years in media and ad biz--you never know what's going to click with people--but you can be pretty sure that music goes straight to the emotions. You may ask, What's all this got to do with the selection of the right prescription drug for depression? Answer: nothing, of course. See my earlier posts, please.

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Julie said...

Dave, thanks to you for the depressing information! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the use (and misuse) of music.