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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Flack flies over my Restless Legs Syndrome posts.

Last July I first wrote on this site about GlaxoSmithKline's TV campaign for Requip, which started out as a commercial describing Restless Legs Syndrome in detail--it's a common practice among the pharmaceutical companies, to essentially advertise the diagnosis ahead of the drug. Lately, two site visitors have taken me to task for my flippant approach in my first post--you can read the post and the comments here. One of the commenters also posted the same comment on my most recent Requip post, below. I responded below his/her post.

I don't like to upset people, particularly those who suffer from painful disorders. I don't mind upsetting pharmaceutical companies, most of which would benefit from an ethical marketing department swamp-draining operation. I do apologize to any sufferers of RLS I've offended. I'd also feel better about hearing from you if you didn't choose to be anonymous--so I'd have a way of finding out that I'm not being heckled by a pharmaceutical PR agent. And, I'd appreciate it if you'd attend to the clarity of my messages--that I'm not finding fault with patients, nor even drugs, but rather drug marketing techniques. Obviously, if you're suffering, no price is too high nor risk too great. If the drug companies acted more like they were sensitive to the responsibility this situation produces, I think we'd all feel a lot better.

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Anonymous said...

I have sent this by way of your e-mail also because I'm not someone who normally gets involved in blog discussions. I happened to accidentally run into your post about requip and RLS while researching requip as a treatment option for myself and felt diminished by the comments from someone about a disease who had never suffered the symptoms. I am a very private person so would prefer my e-mail not be out for the world to see. However, I wanted to assure you that you are "not being heckled by a pharmaceutical PR agent" as was your concern in your reply. I appreciate you pulling back your reins on your comments about this disease and will post my appreciation on your site - once again as the anonymous Sleepless in Canada. I am on your side more than you know about the power, and often abuse of power, of the pharmaceutical companies (seriously, you have NO idea how much I'm on your side) but would never dismiss any individual's choice of relief for a miserable affliction. This anonymous poster is a wife, a mother and a (young) grandmother with no connections whatsoever to any drug companies other than having to pay the exorbitant amount of money that they know I will have no choice but to pay for a good nights sleep.
Sleepless in Canada