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-- Samuel Goldwyn

Friday, March 10, 2006


You've probably seen or heard about the rise in people being arrested or involved in auto accidents while under the influence of Ambien, the heavily advertised sleeping pill. I'm not going to segue to an attack on drug ads this time, although the media, uh, ambience regarding prescription drugs promotes self-prescription and overuse.

What I'm really after in this post is you. Humans have always been drawn to magic pills, or mushrooms, or roots. And, the pharmaceutical-marketing-advertising industrial complex that we embrace in our free-enterprise culture has sold us on considering strong, government-regulated medications as casually as we consider Tums, or Tylenol, or even fluoridated Pepsodent.

Some of the victim-culprits in this week's star health item had overdosed on Ambien, some bought the drug on the Net, no doctor in attendance, which is doubly stupid. But how easy is it to get a prescription anyway? (I just can't get to sleep, doc! Please give me something! How about that Ambien stuff?) In the end, it's all about you, pal. So, read all about it and tell your doctor about this University of Pennsylvania Web site. Then, wake up.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been taking Ambien due to some sleeping trouble since the middle of last year... But I think this history is unbearable! I really do not agree with you! One of my sisters is suffering for anorexia, and has sometimes bulimia crisis... and she's able to take several pound in 3 or 4 days, but it's because she's ill... Before your case, I never heard some extraordinary and strange changes! I'm afraid that if more than 20 millions people in our country are touched by this epidemic, we are going to evolve in big zombies all around us....
Seriously, I do think all people in the study showed have others problems in their live and they don't assume their responsibilities... This is too easy to find a scapegoat, sure. And If really you have these difficulties, try to change your medics.