...don't even ignore 'em.
-- Samuel Goldwyn

Thursday, April 06, 2006

This is serious, Katie.

It's probably my imagination, but Katie Couric wore a dark sorta-pantsuit this morning on the Today show. She also seemed--again, to me--reserved and serious. I didn't watch the whole show, but I didn't see her initiating any hijinks, either. One day after her low-key announcement, live, that she's leaving NBC at the end of May, here's the new Katie, glam underplayed, the renowned legs nowhere to be seen. Well, that's a little strong. There were there, just covered. Well, I guess when you become the CBS Evening News anchor, you emphasize gravitas. Will she go back to Katherine Couric, as in her early days on NBC? Maybe I'm just overreacting. Maybe tomorrow she'll be back to her spring wardrobe. You'll always be "Katie" to me, Katie.

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