...don't even ignore 'em.
-- Samuel Goldwyn

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Random-metrics...Saw a Saturn commercial covering three models: sedan, sports car, SUV. Subtle, tentative promotion of the SUV as hybrid.

Why not make the sporty car a hybrid? "Research" probably finds "hybrid" and "lay a strip" incompatible selling propositions. Idea: How about "the new ION with VRRM technology..." Hybrid sports car with stealth max stereo in trunk--broadcasts gigantic "vrrrrooooooom" sound on acceleration. No one has to know you're saving gas....NYTimes reports spate of serious film documentaries may be a trend--points to Gore's Inconvenient Truths, The War Tapes, others. Of course. Have you seen good docs on network TV lately? CBS, ABC, NBC just do magazines, and they're all true-crime rehashes, predator stings, celeb-strokes or whines-of-the-week (Give me a break!). Cable nets busy doing hot-talk radio....Taken Out of Context Quote of the Day: Today, NBC, 6/20/06. Botox expert: "...sweating is fine, as long as it's done appropriately...."

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