...don't even ignore 'em.
-- Samuel Goldwyn

Friday, December 15, 2006


It seems a year since I posted here -- 11/29/06, to be exact, only a fortnight. Half a month, but I love "fortnight." It isn't that there's no hype to comment upon. Hey, it's the Christmas (or should I say "Holiday") season. I've just been busy with my life, my new site, getting ready to move out of our long-time home, and riding out last night's Pacific Northwest wind-rainstorm. Here in the Seattle area, we have lots of trees, and many big, old evergreens. Right now I'm running on laptop battery power and the good old vanilla phone system, and listening to the traffic outside -- the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge is closed, and a lot of the confused drivers have been rerouted through our neighborhood. So, there are many things more important right now than viewing anything with alarm. I'll leave it to the many, many others to take up the slack today. Stay warm.

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