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-- Samuel Goldwyn

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Now, I'm not trying to be snarky. That said, my post on the KOMO Seattle blogger meetup drew a comment from Chris Pirillo, the apparent promoter of the event, and the popular Seattle blogger conference, Gnomedex. Chris said of my carping over KOMO's PR schmoozing of bloggers:

You shouldn't stop complaining... in fact, I'd say you should be complaining even louder now. :) Unfortunately, that's the only way companies listen (in reaction to PAIN points).
I'm trying to understand what he meant. I think he's encouraging me. Always dangerous. Anyway, thanks, Chris. You seem to get that I'm not attacking you for promoting. I'm exposing the normal, legal, process of schmoozing communications people to obtain positive coverage. KOMO-TV has a perfect right to do this, and since most bloggers are not journalists, or not professional, or both, there's nothing in their upbringing to preclude their swooning over any attention from anybody important. I come from a conventional old-time broadcaster background, so I'm not available for schmoozing. That's all.

And for this, Mr. Pirillo has earned a genuine dehype link (see sidebar).

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Lockergnome said...

At least you understand that bloggers aren't journalists - though many of them seem to think they are (or should be treated as such).

More than anything, I see it as larger media outlets finally understanding their increasing irrelevance with the minds of Americans. Mind you, I'm all for that - as I think 'big media' has taken too much away from us (far more than it has given).

I'm not trying to kick 'em while they're down, but I am hopeful that they'll soon put an end to the separation between themselves and the community. Therein lies an opportunity as I see it - but I've been mistaken before.

Color me an idealist. :)