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-- Samuel Goldwyn

Monday, August 06, 2007


Here's a nifty AP dispatch (via the Buffalo News): "Bloggers Consider Forming Labor Union." Now, was that inevitable, or what? Pretty soon, if not already, blogging will be considered a mainstream activity. There are already blogger conventions. Last week there was the KOMO-TV-LockerGnome meetup in Seattle, one of the tech hotbeds, hailed by many flattered folks as a true breakthrough in the acceptance of bloggers by the current Mainstream Media.

No doubt there'll soon be a guild, or a union--there'll be a wide range of entities to join, large and small. Some will seek, like the reported effort under way, to just get group health insurance.

And then there's the talk of raising standards. This makes me smile. All human pursuits spawn efforts to create elites. The anarchic among us -- I must be one of them, because I almost didn't use the word "us" for fear of appearing to join something -- are already bristling against organization of any kind. And no, I'm not joining the anarchists association, either.

Remember me? I'm the dude who said he wouldn't go to the KOMO event because I wanted to remain unaffiliated and unschmoozed, to preserve my fragile claim to impartiality. I hear I missed a fun time, and, I'm sure, some yummy hors d'oeuvres. And the thing was well-attended. I'm fine with that. Only a little wistful at missing connecting with a lot of nice people.

I'm happy to trade links with you to broaden the audience for blogs--I suspect bloggers mostly are ending up writing to the blogger audience, thinking wrongly that they're speaking to all the world of civilians.

I don't want to join trade organizations or unions, brotherhoods, or PACs, or whatever you end up calling them. My experience is that such orgs standardize practices in fields where being different is the right path.

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