...don't even ignore 'em.
-- Samuel Goldwyn

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Media channels are buzzing about who CBS will choose for the evening news anchor chair. One site even announced Jon Stewart. Maybe CBS is considering multiple anchors from its own ranks: Scott Pelley, John Roberts (who?)...

But seriously, CBS...duh! Two words: 60 Minutes. Hear me? Pay no attention to that National Guard booboo. Dan's falling on his sword for that. The show is still the best. Still all that's left of the Murrow legacy (which RTNDA annually trashes by using his name to reward bonehead local TV news).

Multiple anchors? What could be better than the same rotation as 60 Minutes: Wallace, Safer, Simon, Kroft, Stahl, Bradley, Mabry, even Rather, and features from Andy, Steve Hartman and Charlie fergodsake Rose! What a lineup. Ok, Ok, Pelley if you must. But John Roberts? Who?

Let's go for substance, not hair, O.K.? Hell, open up the checkbook now that Karmazin's gone back to polluting radio and get Christine Amanpour over fulltime. Jeez, I'd even hire Aaron Brown.

You're not replacing Rather (he can even stay in the rotation), you're replacing TOM BROKAW! HELLO!

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