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-- Samuel Goldwyn

Monday, May 02, 2005

Podcasting hype proliferates.

There's news every day. Sirius Satellite Radio is going to start podcasting, with a show by one of the instigators, Adam Curry. Egos already bruised. Dave Winer, senior geek, quoted by Frank Barnako of Marketwatch:

In a podcast over the weekend, Winer also said he resents Curry and Bloom trying to commercialize podcasting. "It makes me angry when somebody comes into a little garden that we created out of our excitement, out of enthusiasm, and says: 'I'm just going to take over that. Now I'm going to be the guy who decides what is good and what belongs on the airwaves.'"
Update: The New York Times weighs in on Curry and Sirius. (5/2/05 2:38PM PDT)

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