...don't even ignore 'em.
-- Samuel Goldwyn

Friday, June 10, 2005

A million little health nightmares a minute.

I'm sitting here about to post about politics (I'll get to it later), and the TV is on, and on a station break, my local ABC affiliate runs a commercial--it starts out like a promotional announcement for their "Ask KOMO" feature on their Web site, but it's really selling a "new" "treatment" for "loose skin," and the "doctor" who wants you to pay her to apply it to your saggy-flabby self. The broadcasters are so scared to turn down anybody who wants to hand them money for ads, with all the new tech sucking up eyeballs and rating points, that they're selling what's left of their good names, not to mention hanging their assets out there by appearing to endorse medical processes, which, by definition, involve risk. This one's called "Thermage" (French pronunciation, please--a dead giveaway that it's cosmetic), and that's a company name (I drilled past their giant world map graphic and their U.S. site's Flash image for you). The local doc has learned how to point the Thermage zapper at your flab, which sends radio frequency energy (RF) through your skin and "tightens" it up. All FDA approved, of course. I'm imagining the KOMO lawyers--I wonder what they're zapping their ulcers with these days. Maybe a little RF from KOMO's new Hi-Def transmitter.

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