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-- Samuel Goldwyn

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Katie-Watch -- Pre-News.

There's nothing the print and blog Babelrazzi love more than a story in which they can participate--as opposed to mere aftermath-matics. Thus l'affaire Katie: will she become CBS's next evening news anchor? Does she want to be?

The inside-media media, which are now--have you noticed?--the mainstream media, have cranked out Katie copy for, gosh, months and months. And now, as we enter Katie's endgame (love that word)--sixty-four days left on her NBC contract...

How did I know that? Why, because the fishbowlNY blog on MediaBistro.com has started a daily Katie Countdown post--the lazy reporter's (that is, blogger's) way to get a grip on the big pre-story. The more industrious media journo, like New York Observer's Rebecca Dana, interviews some people and writes a think piece with a feminist hook in it ("Gravitas" is now a "pop term?" Who knew?), and links to more. It's everywhere. So, here's mine:

Katie! Don't do it! CBS only wants you for shock and awe. It's a total hype attack. Mark my words: They'll screw it up. Look what they did to Bryant! Turn the tables, Katie. Get something much better for yourself from NBC, or whomever. Something real. Hell, start your own network. Dehype the hypers, Katie.

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