...don't even ignore 'em.
-- Samuel Goldwyn

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Our industrial-strength presidential campaign marches along in full cry, as if thinking ahead could relieve the frustration of watching a failed government--reduced to binding up its self-shot feet, snatching loyal operatives from deserved jail time. I'm not feeling better yet, and I'm an optimist.

Our choices so far are many, but more of the same--they're either members of the party that's shopping for a new soul, or the one that was taken over by a fake-Christian corporate War Department with an allergy to responsibility.

But then, when each of these crippled organizations can claim about half the population that bothers to vote, which is about half the total population that could, do we even deserve to be led?

The same old poll-raise-and-spend game is not going to produce an answer. All of us need to drop some weight, get a makeover, turn off the ads, and learn to think all over again. Save America. Start with yourself.

[Afterthought: Inconsistency Watch -- I guess, in retrospect, I've given up on the promise of Bloomberg, too.]


Michael Jacobs said...


Sheesh, You can find anyone on line. How you doing, Dave? Contact info is coming winging your way in e-mail.


I've seen no wings fluttering above my inbox yet.

Scott Ryan said...

looking forward to your next post


Thanks for the encouragement, Scott! You may come to regret it.