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-- Samuel Goldwyn

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Swallow this, media folk. From Frank Barnako's Marketwatch newsletter, today:

Online advertising set to explode

A survey of 99 leading marketers finds almost half of them plan to cut their ad spending on traditional media and spend more on online advertising. Total U.S. e-marketing spending will reach $14.7 billion this year, a 23% increase from last year, according to Forrester Research (FORR). Principal analyst Charlene Li added that almost two out of three advertisers want to spend money on blogs. New advertising channels will draw "interest and spending from marketers," with 64 percent of the surveyed advertisers saying they are interested in spending on Web logs, and 57 percent through RSS, she said in a statement. This is a very bullish time for online advertising overall, she added. "Online consumers spend more than one-third of their time online, roughly the amount of time they spend watching TV. Yet marketers spend only 4% of ad budgets online versus 25% on TV." For more news about the Internet, visit Barnako.com.

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