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-- Samuel Goldwyn

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Radio? Hot?

Yes. Because of podcasting--not anything the commercial radio business is doing. The best the radio music jocks have come up with so far is to play the entire rocknroll library and call it "Jack." Yawn. Audio communication is now in the hands of the user. It's radio's worst nightmare: everybody can be in radio! And, the geeks are the first to swarm it! Aaaarrrrggghh! But there is one sign of emerging sanity in the business--Infinity Radio's about to open KYOURadio.com and program a wheezing SanFran (Geek Heaven) AM with nothing but podcasts submitted by folk-on-the-street. Weird things are happening--news about radio is showing up on geek sites, like Cnet, fergodsake. This Cnet guy posted this on his company blog. And I left a comment-- thought you'd like to see it:

I don't know what YOU mean by "public station", but KYOU will be a commercial station, since it is, as you noted, licensed to Infinity. It's too early to say whether this is an earth-shaking development, but you can bet the radio guys will be watching closely. Another hopeful sign...Infinity is doing something apparently without regard for the Arbitron ratings straitjacket radio has worn forever, and the research funny farm where they all live.
[Look at that, Martha--the dude's quoting himself!]

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